Since you feel your best when you're in the creative flow, we offer services that help you stay focused till the end.

We offer:

  • Finishing Beats

  • Mixing and Mastering

  • Feedback / Consulting

  • Custom Beats


Price Breakdown:

  • Mini Mix - $135
    Only two audio files to be mixed: Beat + Vocals/Instrumentals
  • Full Mix - $250
    Each instrument has its own audio file.

  • Mastering Only - $30
    Get your mixed beat ready for streaming platforms.

FREE MASTERING is included in all mixing services. Mastering is the final stage that ensures your beats sound fresh and loud on streaming services.

Our clients love the work we've done in the past.
To ensure you're happy too, we include a free round of minor revisions to iron out any concerns in case you have any - things like 'turning up the vocals' or 'make instrumentals softer'.

Should you want more revisions, we charge $50/hr after 1st free round.

  • Finishing Beats - we give you a quote based on how far along you are. You get a 30% discount on mixing and FREE MASTERING if we finish your beat too.

  • Feedback / Consulting - $50/hr
    This is your time to get professional feedback, ask about technical or creative matters, and get both challenged and inspired to grow as an artist.
    Done over video chat in 30min or 60min slots.

  • Custom Beats - $800 Created specifically for you, full mix, master, and ready to go live. Our name goes in the credits, and we split royalties 50/50.
    We create custom beats for instrumental beatmakers as well as vocalist / rappers who want a custom sound. 

We specialize in chill, jazzy lofi hip hop / boom bap styles.
No trap.

For any queries, contact lilbeatshop at gmail dot com.



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