My name is Maike (aka lil miss beats) and not too long ago I was an incredibly frustrated musician.

Years of being an underpaid, overworked composer for classical concerts and media led me to eventually throw in the towel.

And then the most marvelous thing happened:
I re-discovered my love for making beats!

Now I'm here to help you fall in love with the creative process too.

Ditch the overthinking, trust your instincts, and find your creative flow again!




Given my 10 year background as a professional Sound Designer, Music Producer, Classical Composer, Jazz and Classical Pianist as well as Session Viola player, Lil Beat Shop wants to service the lofi beatmaker community through providing:


-Royalty Free instrumental samples

-Original melodies and harmonies so you can focus on beatmaking
-Vintage sound design for that lofi feel and
-Weekly blog posts and motivational newsletters!

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