beatmaker drumloops vol. 1

beatmaker drumloops vol. 1

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With "beatmaker drumloops vol. 1" you can literally make a beat in a few minutes. All you need are some chops at your disposal and, of course, your own bitchin' personal taste.

What makes "beatmaker drumloops vol. 1" different?
I was getting really fed up with those weak, short, single bar drum loops out there. They don't offer much flexibility for when you're making a full beat. So I decided to make the drum loop pack I couldn't find online.

In this pack, each vintage-style drum break comes with a couple of variations.

If you want just the kick and snare for the intro but some variations & spice later on, then I've given you some variants on each loop to choose from - all within this drumloop sample pack! Have a listen:

Pretty neat, right? ;)

Upon buying "beatmaker drumloops vol. 1" you will get

  • 77 seamless drum loops (each at least 2 - 4 bars in length)
  • .wav compatible with any DAW
  • BMP & Keys listed
  • 100% cleared!
  • 54 bonus effected chants vocalized by lil miss beats
  • all inspired by the lofi beats we make and love!


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