You biggest beatmaking asset.

Today I’m exposing a thief.
This thief loves to steal from beat makers.

And this thief regularly knocks me out cold.

If you’re not careful, this thief is going to distract you and steal the most valuable asset in your beat making toolbox:

Your JOY.

Since we are all about driving you to ENJOY making beats, this thief has no place here.

So I’ma expose her on the spot.


To do that, let me paint you a picture:


There you are, a rainy Sunday afternoon, with your headphones on and a bop in your bod.

“Man this is a banger, and I'm really feeling it.

You know what? It's too good not to share!”


Off you go, you get your smartphone.

Maybe you film a quick vid and post it without much thought.

But - maybe – if I change the angle, prop the camera up here – it will do better on Instagram. And then the world can hear it and see what a banger this is.

Oh hell yeeea!

You post the video. You’re proud of your work. And you’re excited to see other people pumped about it too.


And crickets.

Crickets for days.


You delete the video. You forget all about your beat.

Does that ever happen to you?


I get shot down like this so fast, I may as well be playing PUBG.

And the most annoying part is I don’t even see the attack coming.

The thief is not your camera, your desire to share your art or social media.

But at some stage the thief made a great switcheroo, right under your own nose!

Between enjoying your banger and posting your banger you traded your own joy for someone else’s joy.

When you decide to place more value on someone’s response to your beat than your own response, you trade something you can control for something you cannot.

The really weird thing is it’s almost like the thief was there all along.

It’s almost like the thief is in you.


Now, of course there are times when we simply have to trade our joy for someone else’s. The fact is the world doesn’t revolve around us, and businesses that do well typically solve problems for other people.

But I believe that creativity shines amidst joy and internal curiosity.

If we don’t prioritize and honor our own feelings about making our own music, we are treading dangerous waters.


How do we know when to value our joy, and when to value someone else's?

My advice is to be very clear about why you’re making beats.

If you are purely making beats because you want to make money, be my guest.
I have no problem with people wanting to and making top coin for their beats.


BUT then you need to accept that you’ve chosen to value the numbers more than your happiness. If one day you realize you hate being in the studio, you are losing creative ideas and worst of all, you resent other artists, then my friend, it may be because you have traded your joy for numbers.
The only way I know how to help you fix that is through encouraging you to prioritize your joy.


Conversely, if you’ve chosen to value your joy above the numbers, then when numbers aren’t behaving like you’d hoped, lovingly remind yourself why you’re in the game.

You’re in the game because making beats fuels your soul. Making beats makes you come alive. It gives you energy for the other crap life throws at you.


That's why I ask, please, please, please don't throw your joy away.
By keeping your joy you'll make more beats, you'll stop resenting other artists, you'll be happier in other areas of your life,  and most importantly you will come alive.
And ya'll know that quote:


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman


Now go dominate!

Lots of love,
Lil Miss Beats


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