Trying to “get people to listen to your music” is the problem.

Getting people to listen to your beats is a bitch isn’t it?


Yes. I tried that for so long I almost gave up. And then I gave up.


And now people are listening to my beats.



What changed?

I answered three incredibly important questions.


I used to fold like a cheap chair in the face of self-promotion.


And now in the space of one month I got over 1000 new monthly listeners and almost 4000 more streams.


For a small beat maker like me this is HUGE!


No labels, no hiring promoters, nothing fancy.

And you can do it too.


However, if thinking “I’ve just got to get people to listen to my music” is at the core of your promotional efforts, you’ve gotta stahp!

You’re wasting your time (and everyone else’s).


Let’s look at that sentence again:


“I’m trying to get people to listen to my beats”



“I’m trying to get people to SPEND their time CONSUMING my beats.”



“I’m asking people to INVEST something in my work simply because that’s WHAT I WANT.”

But what about what the other person wants?


Do you see the main problem with this approach?


There is a complete lack of consideration towards what the other person wants.


Do you care if the other person even wants to hear your music?
You really should.


Put yourself in their shoes. If you were in their position, would you be interested in your beats?
If so, why, exactly?


The practice of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is non-negotiable in the quest to winning friends and influencing people,
or better said,
winning fans and influencing playlist curators.

So before you send that DM with your beat links, answer these three questions:

    1. What are you promoting?

      I presume you’re promoting music, sure.

      What kind of music though?

      Trap beats? Lo fi house? Instrumental hip hop, or background music for meditation?

      But go even further.


      What is your music actually providing?

      Are you simply promoting your beats? Or are you promoting a tool to help rappers express themselves? Are you providing a mood for someone to study in?

      What problem are your beats solving?


      Dig deep, and really ask what you’re promoting with your beats.

      2. Who do you want to promote to?

      Let’s start small. You probably want to promote your beats to people who already enjoy your style of music.

      So start searching for new fans within your given genre.


      For instance, if you make lo-fi beats, you might want to promote your chilled beats to people who run a playlist in that genre. If the curator likes your beats, they might share them with a wider audience, who are already more likely to enjoy your music.


      Don’t just promote you chill jazzy beats to everyone in the world, hoping someone will listen.

      If you do that, you are casting your net far too wide.

      And if you cast too wide without much thought, it’s likely you’re casting in the wrong place too.


      Ya’ll can fish for hours in the wrong place with no success, but the second you move to a good fishing spot you will catch that epic slupfish in a hot second.

      So really get specific about who you want to promote your beats to.

      That makes it much easier to figure out where to fish – I mean find – them.

      3. Why are you promoting your beats?

      Why are you promoting your music? It’s not always obvious.


      In my video HOW TO GROW YOUR AUDIENCE AS A NEW BEAT MAKER, I talk about my journey in becoming more promotion savvy.


      During the video I confess that one of the reasons I used to promote my beats was that I needed validation.

      Over time though, my ‘why’ changed and I had to do my homework and find out why I was driven to share my beats.

      This ‘why’ really helps me be persevering and consistent in promoting my beats.

      Finding your ‘why’ is not easy. But it’s well worth the effort.

      I go into more detail on this topic in my video. So if you want the full scoop get comfy and listen to my self promotion growth story here.

      I think the content will be interesting and helpful to you in growing your own audience.


      Answering these three “what”, “who”, “why” questions for yourself is the first step to promoting your beats successfully.


      You have to answer these questions for yourself though; I can’t do that for you.


      Trust me, once you’ve done it, you’ve taken more than just the first step towards successful self-promotion.


      You’ll have unveiled the master key that unlocks all sorts of new channels for your growth.


      So now, let’s get back to that stranger you were about to DM.


      Do you still think they are the right recipient for your pitch?


      Remember, this is more than a to-do list. This is a mindset.

      To grow in your self promotion mindset, you HAVE to spend time with those questions, find the answers, and write them down.


      Because learning how think about promotion is faaar more valuable than any to do list.




      Because times change, things change, and therefore the ‘to do’s’ will change.


      But learning to think things through will empower you to come up with a solid strategy. A strategy that gets you results not matter what changes in the music industry.


      Good luck, I really wish you all the best.

      ~lil miss beats


      P.S. I seriously didn’t realize how much I have to share with you on this topic - until someone asked specifically about self-promotion on one of my weekly instagram Q & As.
      So if you want me to go into more detail on self promotion for beat makers, or have any other content requests, let me know in the video comments or via instagram.

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