My strategy to combat self-doubt so I can keep making beats.

When Self-Doubt comes knocking, what do you do?

Self-Doubt, like Fear, is a regular part of my daily routine.

Even this second as I’m writing this I worry I’m not good enough - why even bother, right?


Luckily, me and Self-Doubt go waaay back.

I’ve had a lot of time to build my relationship with her.

When Self-Doubt comes a knocking, and she luuuurves to do that, there are a couple of responses I cycle through.

Sometimes I see her arrival. I immediately dread the power she has over me.

She meets my gaze.

I can’t look away.

I feel myself sink.

The next time I look up weeks have passed and I’ve created nothing.


Sometimes, however, I don’t even see her coming.

She quietly makes herself at home and starts running my life.

Weeks pass.

I feel lackluster and depressed.

I haven’t made anything in ages.


Then one day I think: ”Wait, who the hell let Self-Doubt in?

Has she been running the show this whole time?”

Yes, indeed she has. And now I have to clean her mess.

But there is another way… Want to know what it is??

Sometimes I see her arrival and I – well, - I welcome her in!


“Oh hey. I didn’t even notice you were gone.
Wanna pull up a chair?”


When she starts with her opinions I go “Sorry hun. You get to stay if you want, but girl I don’t care what you have to say.”


And you shouldn’t care about anything she has to say to you either.

Because your work is too precious for her opinion to matter.


So my encouragement to you is this. Next time you feel Self-Doubt ringing your bell, don’t freak out.

Let her in. Make her tea if you so desire. But don’t for a second believe anything she has to say.


~lil miss beats

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