LOFI DIY: How to make a tasteful vinyl warble effect using only Ableton stock plugins

“Wow your friends with this technique!” ~ Washington Post

“These tricks will make the birds flutter to your music 🐥” ~ Zedd

“This is fluxing awesome!” ~ Anonymous Pun Lover

Whilst these quotes may or may not be accurate, one thing is certain:


In this post you’ll learn how to add nostalgic warmth to your music using only 2 Ableton devices.



Full Context:

Creating a basic warble in Ableton


For this you’ll need the “Frequency Shifter” and the “LFO”.

These are found under Audio Effects and under Max for Live > Max Audio Effect respectively.

Place these two effects on the track you want to effect. Any order will do.
It should look something like this.


Not working for you? Make sure you’re using “LFO” and not “LFO MIDI”.


Are you ready to utilize the magic of the LFO?

Click on the ‘Map’ button on the top left of the LFO. Once it starts flashing click on the ‘Fine’ Parameter of the Frequency Shifter.
You have now mapped the LFO to the Fine tune parameter of your Frequency Shifter.

That doggo might be hella pleased with this mapping, but the sound still sucks.


I have the magic solution… copy these values onto your own devices and… WOW!

In addition to changing the knobs like you see above, I also did some not so obvious things:

  • I changed the shape of my LFO from ‘Sine’ to ‘Random’.
  • I also mapped the LFO to the dry wet knob of the Frequency Shifter.
  • I changed the max and min values of the LFO mapped parameters

To do the last two steps, click on the yellow lined rectangle located in the top right hand corner of the black box in the LFO.

This is what you see:

Here you can map additional parameters to the LFO. This is also where to change the max and min values of all your mapped parameters.

This part is sooooo important if you want things to sound humane.

Play around with these percentages to find a balance you love.
There is not ‘perfect number’, only what sounds good to you.

BONUS TIP: For increased flux, increase the Jitter on your LFO.

(you need to click on that yellow box again to get back to the ‘home page’ of your LFO)

EXTRA BONUS TIP: For some noise, add the Vinyl Distortion and up the Volume on the Crackle :)

Well done! You just added some amazing wow flutter control to your track.

If you’re feeling spicy and you want more… I’ll give you more!
Same time, same place next week.

We’ll add some vintage sounding space by building on what we’ve learned today.

Now before you open a new tab...You will only remember what you learn by engaging with it… so do it!! Now!!

I promise you you’ll have tons of fun.

Plus, getting familiar with the LFO will open up a whole Lota Freaking Opportunities for your beats.

Lots of love,
lil miss beats


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