Are your ideas bad because you're not attractive enough?

I love Elizabeth Gilbert’s belief about ideas. She describes them in her book ‘Big Magic’ as little celestial beings that scrounge the earth looking for available hosts.

The chosen host has a privileged task: to bring that idea to life.

Turns out us humans are the perfect candidates.

How lucky!

But - oo ho ho – not so fast.

If we have an idea and we don’t act, get this:

It will get tired of waiting, and visit someone else!


Can you blame it? I mean we weren’t really giving it our attention so…
Better luck next time, kiddo.


Now, I have lots of ideas. Every day.

I think it’s because ideas think I’m an attractive host.

Let me explain:

Typically when I have an idea, I allow it to consume me. It makes me feel inspired. It drives me to action. It makes me come alive.

It’s like a deep love affair – I get completely engrossed with it and forget about everything else (sorry hubby).

If I were an idea, I’d tap that too!


But listen. If Idea #1 came around and asked me on a date and I was all like tapping away on my phone, completely ignoring it, can you blame it for moving on?
Any self-respecting idea should move on from that kind of treatment!

So if you’re lacking ideas right now, here’s a question;

Are you open to having a relationship with them?

When you get a proposal from an idea, do you give it the time of day?
Do you take it on a date? Or do you just reject it straight off the bat?

Some ideas are not a right fit for you. In that case, dodge it!
The idea (and you!) will be better off with another host pairing.


But if the idea inspires you, do something.

Make a sketch. Day-dream about it. Anything!
I’m not asking you commit to it, but at least give it a chance.

Who knows, word might get around that you’re available.

And then the fresh ideas will come flocking for your attention.

Lots of love,

Lil miss beats


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