How to enjoy making beats (and your relationship to it)

Today I’m encouraging you to make a gentle but powerful shift in your beat making. It will hands down change your relationship to making beats.


It’s super easy to do, costs you nothing and will instantly increase the joy that making beats gives you. Guaranteed.

Ok, have I hyped it up enough? Good, because this is gold, and I want you to really soak it in.


The day my relationship with beat making changed

The other day I made a beat. It came straight from the heart.
I went all out.
I sang in the beat, I played viola in the beat.

I think I even cried while making the beat.

But that’s not the surprising part.


Usually when I finish a beat, one of two things happens.


I either think

   a) Ah this is crap

Or I think



Straight on cue, my lil brain was deciding whether to self-flagellate or self-congratulate.


This time I was on a high, and my brain was moving shamelessly towards option b).


And then it happened.


“Woooah wait a minute.

You know what?

I enjoyed making this beat.”


I even said it aloud (alone in my studio, lol) as the revelation hit.


Not "oh this is good" or "oh this is bad", but "I enjoyed making this beat."


Unlike my past experiences, this thought was not a subjective judgment on my beat. It was an assessment of my experience making the beat.


A life changing thought

I enjoyed making this beat. How had I not realised this before? In over a decade of making music????

Why is it that in the past all I ever thought to do was judge my work? What a pity.


In this particular case, at that particular time, I happened to like what I was hearing.

But the fact is I won’t always like that beat.


Because my likes and dislike change like the baby's diapers from next door.


If I’m in a shitty mood I won’t like the beat.

Or I may like it one day, and the world might decide to shit all over it, and then I might not like it anymore.

And maybe I'll like it again the next day when someone compliments it.


But this time I DON'T CARE!

Because I enjoyed making it, and that’s’ a historical fact that
no one's opinions
(not even mine) can change.


How this affected my love for making beats

For many of us the act of making beats has a dark cloud  hanging over it.


For me that dark cloud is the judgment that assaults my every decision.

“Is this good enough?” or “will people like it?”


No wonder making music, even if just for fun, can become hella stressful.

No wonder finishing and releasing beats can seem impossible at times.


This time though I felt so good thinking about how much I enjoyed making the beat, that I literally couldn’t wait to make another.


Focusing on my experience instead of the outcome literally fueled me to be more creative.


And if I keep focusing on that, I'm building a new association with making beats:

A positive, uplifting association based on my enjoyment of the creative process, NOT the wayward opinions that can't withstand the test of time.


“Hear that last beat? I enjoyed making it.”


Now I have something to hold on to forever.
I had fun, and no one can take that away.


It's so much greater remembering that, than the dark, people-pleasing cloud of judgment that I often subject myself to when making music.


Your beats can become positive reinforcement

Often when we hear our beats we notice only the bad things we might want to change.

How about we remember the experiences we had making them instead?


In a couple weeks, when the beat goes lives, it’s going to remind me of the great time I had making it.

And that will bring me joy every time I hear it.


If that isn’t motivation to get back to the beat making grind, I don’t know what is.

I hope this helps u massively, as it has me.

~lil miss beats


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