Don't take your best ideas to the grave.

We will always have good ideas and bad ideas.

I’ve learned over time that I’m more afraid of the good ideas, because I have more to lose by messing them up.

I’ve also learned that I’m often resistant to sharing my best ideas.
“If I give the best of myself away, what will be left for me?”

But things have changed.

When I started creating content for lil beat shop, I started identifying this ‘wanting to hold onto something’ as a voice inside me going:
”THIS! This is what you need to share.”

I'm not talking about hard work. I'm talking about something deeper.
We can fool ourselves into thinking that doing our best is actually giving our best.
It’s easy to hide behind hard work in order to avoid sharing ourselves.

But one day, when the world is wrapped up, what good will our precious, unshared self be?
All the good ideas I’ve hoarded, are they useful in the grave?
No. They can only be planted now, while we are still alive.

So I want to share my best with you.
I want to contribute to your life in the most authentic way I can, while I still can.

How did I ever think you were deserving of anything less?

~ lil miss beats

P.S. I’m in the early phases of creating a tool to help you give and share your best, find your creative flow and create from a state of joy.
If you’re interested, sign up on this google form, and you'll be the first to know about it!



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