Do you stop learning when you stop being a beginner?

Some people are frustrated to be beginners.
Yet some are excited.

Everything is new. Everything is a fresh. Everything is a discovery.


Thinking back, I remember stumbling across some of the COOLEST things.


Like, discovering choke groups for the first time 😭

And, omg - even before that -, when I first found out about automation?



Man I want that thrill again.


But beyond those extra dopamine hits, there is an even greater value in being a beginner:

Beginners are incredibly curious and teachable.

Anything and everything in your beat making session held infinite potential to teach you about your art and about yourself when you approached beat making as a beginner.


It’s almost like as we progress, and as our audience grows, we may think we have more to lose by exploring freely.

But the truth is, we have more to lose by NOT exploring freely.

We have more to lose by thinking we aren’t beginners anymore.

What would you do differently today if you approached beat making with a beginner’s mind?

Ask deeper. What are you curious about that you haven’t allowed yourself to explore?

Why don’t you take an hour to explore that?

What might you discover about yourself in the process?


Often, when we allow ourselves to be beginners again, we rekindle our childlike fascination. We create more music. We discover new things.

We have fun.


So do yourself a solid and give yourself permission to be a beginner again.

~lil miss beats

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