Do you actually know how to make beats already? Or do you just think you do?

There are likely going to be times when you think: “ahh but I know this already!”


How to make a beat
How to make sample chops that sound good together
How to write chord progressions
How to make your drums punchier

Etc etc boring yawn

Few things trigger me more than when someone assumes I don’t know something and then continues to mansplain at me like I’m fresh out the womb.

But I want to challenge you (AND ME!) today:

The next time you’re chatting to a fellow beat maker and that know-it-all voice inside your head rises up, try and listen deeper.

If you try this, you may realise one of two things:

You may stumble upon a deeper knowledge or a fresh perspective you hadn’t considered before.
Perhaps a new technique to side chain drums, or a new way to stack samples that makes your mix sound super wide.




maybe you do know it all already.
But you realize that you aren’t applying your knowledge as well as you could.
How can you apply this concept to your next beat?


Everyone has something to share and contribute. Everyone has unique life experience that we can learn from.

That's one of the main reasons I enjoy posting on youtube, instagram and here.
It's one way for me to share my experiences, hopefully encouraging you along your own creative journey.

Related to sharing and learning, there was an overwhelming response from you guys to post a beat walkthrough video.
So I have it for you today!

In today’s video
I’m sharing how I made my ‘angelic lofi beat’ that I posted on instagram 2 weeks ago.

I altered the beat a bit for my final official release of it (I explain why in the video) and you can presave that beat here.


Whether beginner or veteran, I hope that this walk-through beta video sparks a new idea in you for a new beat.
And I always appreciate it when you share your wisdom with me in any comments too - coz ya girl be listenin' to learn!


Shot for being you. You have unique interests and talents and it’s great you’re expressing them in your music.
Share them freely, and listen to understand no matter where in your journey you're at.

Ok lots of love


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